It’s a fairly young world, and within a couple hundred years magic was reintroduced into the world. 

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this is pretty lose and brief and im sure other things happen too but,

This period includes the creation of the world.
Speis created the world and her four companions — Ona, Hava, Flux, and Rena. Together, they created all the races that inhabit the world in likenesses of themselves. Once things were set, Speis decided to take a more-mortal form and walk the world to see everything from the peoples’ perspective. 

Things were plenty peaceful for a while, but the Companions started to fight amongst themselves. Because of this, the people also started to get into squabbles against each other. Normally, this only consisted of which magic was better, who had what land, who had the best patron god. Things like that. 

This infighting was considered the “Spirit War” and while there were never any official armies or battles, there was still a lot of aggression and people started splitting up into factions and groupings. 

Speis left the companions for a while to take care of it between themselves, but when that failed, they had to step in. 
With Speis’ help, they got the companions to agree to withdrawl from the world as a present being, and instead view from the sidelines as the physical qualities of the world; Rena to the volcanos, Flux to deep in the ocean, Ona above the clouds, and Hava deep within the woods.

Once the Spirits retreated from being present gods, the world really started to flourish. People built their own communities around the world, started learning new magic and started to really explore their environments. 

During this time, Asa, the first of the current pantheon, rose to godhood. 

However, toward the end of this time, there was a great drought that effected nearly all of the world. People aren’t sure of what the cause really was of this, and what happened to Flux to allow this sort of thing to happen. 

  • Due to the drought, Westpine, what is currently Black Oak, suffered a fire that nearly wiped out the whole island. 
    A small fire started due to a cult in the area trying to summon the likeness of Rena to gain power. This magical fire spread quickly, and the condition of the area made it impossible to manage. The fire raged for over 100 years, and is said to have been stopped by Hava themselves. 

Due to this mismanagement of magic, a lot of the world’s knowledge was locked away. The keepers of knowledge, who generally follow Ona, retreated to some of the floating islands that were unreachable without flight, taking any written magic and history that they could with them.  

This was the official start of the Gray Era. 

Over time, this loss of written knowledge started to really effect the rest of the world. Eventually, the only magic that was left was natural, innate magic.
People started focusing more on developing cities and towns. Countries built up the governments, and started focusing a little more internally rather than outwardly toward the whole world. Unfortunately, this lead to countries building their defenses, armies, and started fighting between themselves.

  • Bycross begins to have some internal conflict
  • Elves on the western coasts of Black Oak move to the mountains to disconnect from others and try to maintain what magic knowledge they have themselves.
  • What is now the Red Isles begins to form. 
Despite this, trade routes and trade cities begin to form.
During this time, some other important things to note
  • Corwyn’s capital, Forene, becomes a “trade capital”, and they form a high council there.
  • Juneberry rises to god status
  • North and South Bycross start a war between themselves and split.
  • With Flint leading, the Red Isles split from South Bycross 
  • Flint rises to  God status
  • On the islands where the knowledge is being kept, Catalen rises to God status.

With Catalen rising in power, she pushes for knowledge to be released back to the public. Meetings are held with city leaders to form new libraries and colleges to help teach people about everything that had been hidden from them for so long. 

While this does lead to some people abusing this knowledge again, there are now people better equipped to stop those people. 

In Corwyn, a cult commanded by some liches attack. Sun and Helena rise to fight against them and protect the city and its people, and in doing so rise to God Status.

Elsewhere, Kale and Raddic rise to God Status with their small followings. (unrelated).

This brings it to about present time. 

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