It’s a fairly young world, and within a couple hundred years magic was reintroduced into the world. 

i need to redo the map because some of the countinents are larger there is so much water right now


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Essentially a large sand sandbar that is constantly reshaped and changing, consisting entirely of black sand. Not largely inhabited by people, but there are known to be dragons and large monsters that reside only on the island. Many adventurers come there to fight the beasts or to search for treasures rumored to be there. Unclear of why they’re only here, or where they’re coming from. 

There are a few bands of people who make Belmere their permanent residence, mostly a handful of dragonborn as well as a few elves. Natives are most easily recognized by their bright red hair or scales, which isn’t really found in many other places. 

The people that live here are largely nomadic, traveling in groups and adjusting to their changing environment. They often live more toward the center of the island, since they don’t have to worry about the tide effecting their living over night. 

Government: No real government present. Different groups tend to have their own rules and way or leading. 

Climate: Hot and Humid with cool nights. Typically fairly windy, and often storms in spring and fall months. 

Clothing: Blacks and reds. Loose fabric, head coverings and shawls. Ways to keep sand out of their face. Big fans of golds, gems, and jewelry. 

People: Dragonborn, Orc/Halforcs and Elves are the majority. Other races often travel there as adventurers. People born on the island tend to have bright red hair, normally regardless of if their parents have it or not. 

Exports: Pelts, horns, and other things from the beasts on Belmere. Really good for alchemy and potions. 

Magic: Pretty common!! Natives typically seem inclined to knowing magic or it being easy to learn for them. 

Symbol: A black snake with red eyes, often coiled around a Kris-styled Dagger

Formerly Westpine, the name changed after the fire.
A large continent predominantly covered by trees. Within it resides the Gray Way, which is a large stretch of barren land that was once forest. It was ravaged by a 100 year fire, and has left the area dark and burnt.  Things are slowly starting to grow back, both naturally and due to magic. 

The west side of the continent is mostly mountains until you hit the coast. There are a few elven towns hidden away there, and a couple magic schools.
The eastern side of the continent contains what is left of the lush, thick forests, said to be extremely magical. 

Government: Much of the land is barren, so the most of the power resides in the Elder Elf leader in the mountain area. Generally leadership is passed down through the family. 

Climate: Range of climates. 

Clothing: Earthy colors, loose fitting robes over well fit underclothing. Wooden jewelry, typically more modest with it. 

People: Majority of elves, High elves more on the west shore or in the mountains.

Exports: Woods, things crafted from wood, amber.  Few fine gems from the mountains, but there isn’t a large mining community there.

Symbol: White antlers/White Stag. White and light green

Bycross is split into two regions, physically by a large river, and politically by a large civil war that happened years ago. The continent is very mixed race, but has a large majority of human and elves.:

North Bycross

North Bycross has a lot of open fields and smaller patches of forests. They focus more on physical power over magical power, and have a very nice standing army. Their homes have more of an english cottage style. 

Government: Very military based democracy that elects a group of people as a council rather than a single person. Currently headed by mostly military officials.

Climate: Cool year round with moderate summers. Rainy. Little snow in winter.

Clothing: Med and Heavy armour v prevalent. Blues, whites and golds. Tunics, capes. Its your kind of vague general fantasy thing here tbh. 

People: Largely human and elven, but not exclusively.

Exports: Weaponry is big. Flowers and general farming. 

Symbol: Lions. Shield and sword. Blues

South Bycross

South Bycross has a lot of forests and stonework, most of their buildings having been carved out from old ruins, overgrown by nature, or made to imitate that look. They focus less on physical power and more on magical power, with a large focus on offensive magic. Has a standing magical army??

The country has a decent sized magical school which doubles as a military academy. They also experiment in magical technologies, especially in travel and communications. 

Government: Still very similar to North Bycross in which it is a democracy that elects a council of people, however they tend to prefer people of book-intelligence over military service. Magic users and researchers.  

Climate: Moderate year round, warm summers in the south.

Clothing: Light clothing, tunics and capes. More well-fit typically. Leather armors. 

People: Largely human and elven, growing more diverse in the south

Exports: Wands, enchanted items.

Symbol: Wolves. Staves and magic. Reds

The largest population. The “Center of the World,” it has a large trade city and is known to be a melting pot of cultures. The continent has a lot of dry, desert or mountainous areas to the north, with large green rolling plains in the south.  

Government: Council of 10 members, elected every 5 years. 

Climate: Moderate all year.

Clothing: Generally a mix of a lot of different styles. Bright and colorful. 

People: Diverse

Exports: Very little naturally, but it is a large trade hub.

Symbol: A Chimera. Oranges and yellows.

A continent comprise build from a large inactive volcano. Large green mountains from the ridge of the volcano line the coasts, but inland is rich and lush. A large orcish population with some dragonborn, very community based living, closed off from a lot of the rest of the world.  

Government: Small community with essentially a elder/mayor. Very casual and community based

Climate: Warm and tropical within the mouth of the volcano. Cold outside of it.

Clothing:  Light fabrics, loose fit. Purples, blacks, and dark earthy colors.

People: Orcs and dwarves for the most part.

Exports: Produce year round!!  cool rocks

Symbol: A boar with curled tusks. Blacks and purples.

An underwater city, built out of coral, sunken ships, sand and rocks. It is the largest Sea-elf city and typically the “home” city for most if not all of them. It is very colorful, covered in gems and tiles, as decorated as the foundation will allow.
It rests on the sea floor in the Dusk Sea, just south of the southern belt.

Government: They have a King, who is mostly a figure at this point. They have a true communistic society, very communal, but they have a harsh law enforcement. People that take advantage of the laws or are Bad typically are outcast out of the city, and make their way to the Red Isles.

Climate: Tropical! Warm waters in the Dusk sea.

Clothing: Very light clothing. Typically wraps around the waist, tighter tank tops if necessary outside the water. Nothing too constricting, and they try to avoid any fins or gills.

People: Sea-elves!! And i guess other underwater people

Exports: If they need to trade, they typically do so with shells and pearls and fish. Some Pisces are treasure hunters and explore sunken ships and lost cargo to sell back on land. They don’t really export.

Symbol: A spear through the water, represented by 3 wavy lines.

An island made up almost entirely of glass sand washed up onto a sunken volcano. It has grown large over time, and is very colorful!! Doesn’t really have a native people, but has a big mages’ college and bard’s college. 

Government: There are two schools so its kind of school rules. 

Climate: Warm 3/4ths the year with rainy winters

Clothing: A lot of grays and and blues. Light clothing, well fit.

People: College kids

Exports: Colored glass

Symbol: A turtle’s shell with many colors

Large, thick jungles cover the continent, and the shores being mostly marshy areas. Many homes are built on water villages or high in trees. Mostly wood elves and some dragonborn live there. The second largest trade center in the world, since boats can easily make port and do trade. Much of the jungle is unexplored.  

Government: The port trade city is the mostly inhabited place, and is run by rich families who trade well. The city is more of a trade hub  than anything. 

Climate: Wet and tropical

Clothing: Earthy colors. Light cloth, that are tight fit. 

People:  Largely elves, dragonborn, catfolk/tabaxi. A lot of traders from different places.

Exports: Plants and fruits that only grow in the jungles. Gold. 

Symbol: A panther. A single large jungle leaf. Forest green

Home of a majority of the dwarves. Cold and covered in mountains. Very magical land, with a large export of gemstones and weaponry. People often travel there to search for riches, or to apprentice for different types of smithery or masonry. 

Government: Ruled by a queen. 

Climate: Very cold and dry. Many of the cities are in the mountains, so low air pressure.  

Clothing: Thick clothing. Furs, down. Many layers. 

People: Dwarves and orcs are the majority 

Exports: Strong metals, gems, swords and metal staves.

Symbol: A bearded vulture. A sun obscured by a mountain peak.  Deep purples and golds 

A small grouping of islands that is surprisingly populated. However, it is a large hub for pirates and bandits. A lot of dishonest traders make stops here to unload stolen goods before making their final stop in Corwyn. Very mixed race here.  

Government: Kind of the strongest/most intimidating hold power. Pirates and gangs hang around. Flint is a god that hangs in the area, so like hes kind of top dog.

Climate: Warm and tropical. Very rainy in the fall.

Clothing: Light clothing, brightly colored. Patterned stuff. Jewelry. the more flashy the better 

People: Very mixed race, people from all over.

Exports: Fruits naturally, though they happen upon a lot of trade.

Symbol: A shark, typically scarred. Reds with a stripe of blue.

A floating island that not much is known about, home to many of the bird people/winged races. Extremely magical, and hard to get to unless flight or teleportation is used. Atop is rich with plant life and a relatively small community.

Government: A high mage is in charge,

Climate: Chilly, windy, but very little variation throughout the year

Clothing: Light drapey fabrics. Thin, white or pastels.

People: Winged races

Exports: They only trade among themselves.

Symbol: A golden heron 

A grouping of islands that surround the equator.


A large island most known for its thick fog that is typically surrounding the island. The coasts of the land are largely sheer cliffsides, making it fairly dangerous to make port. The people there are very colorful and vibrant to make up for the gray weather they’re typically living in. Mixed race, but a large orcish population.  

Government: Mostly small towns with elected officials/mayors. 

Climate: Wet and foggy. 

Clothing: Bright colors! Light on layers. More about looking bright and interesting than functionality since its so foggy and gray out

People:  Large orcish population, but many people from all over. Many sailors.

Exports: Many herbs for medicine, magic, and cooking

Symbol: A Griffin. Bright, often clashing colors.

The drow country, mostly made up of ice. Known for their magic and enchantments. Most people live along the coasts because of the harsh tundra further inland. It has a very prestigious wizard’s college, Oasis, inland that is very difficult to get to. 

Government: Founding family holds power. Father of the family rules currently, but two twin siblings actually do most of the dealings in the two twin cities. 

Climate: Frigid, dry, bitter. 

Clothing: Many layers. Whites and grays, light blues. Leathers and furs

People: Mostly drow, few other races

Exports: Coal. Magical spells

Symbol: A Sabertooth. Two stars. Dark navy blues and whites.

A strange place of white scenery, with very little bursts of color. Seems to be some sort of reflection of the mortal plane. 








Here are the pinterest boards

Lawful Good | Half-Orc
Healing | Life | Kindness

A pacifist traveling the world, willing to help any in need. Always looking forward to the greater good, and trying to see the good in people. Speaks very calmly and friendly. Came to diety status through a large following. She teachs her beliefs where she goes, and her followers then teach others etc. Originally from Dedgerock.

Neutral Good | Elf
Stars | Travel | Sea

A sailor who travels the sea by stars. Values knowing all parts of the world and being able to be immersed in the world. Eager and restless. Has traveled the whole sea, and has walked every coast. Originally from Mistdell.

Chaotic Good | Elf
Adventure | Experience | Change

Firey and never looking back. Always looking for grand adventures and epic quests! Believes very strongly in learning with your hands and not through written means. Oral traditions and campfire stories. Married to Helena. Sun and Helena rose to diety status having protected Forene, a large town on the outskirts of Corwyn, against a small but very powerful band of lichs. Originally from the Red Isles.

Lawful Good | Human
Peace | Law | Justice

Neat and orderly! Believes that everything has its place and a reason for the way it is, and it should remain that way. Difficulty with change With troupes following her and Sun at her side, she rose to Diety status by protecting a large city in Corwyn from some very powerful Lichs. Does NOT get along with Flint. Originally from North Bycross.

Neutral Good | Avian
Magic | Knowledge 

Old and wise, a little stuck up. Believes in the spreading of knowledge and practice of magic. The keeper of many old, old spells and traditions, and claims to have been around when the Major Gods were still up and rising. Is known for her HUGE library that the general public deem impossible to find. She is a very old God from a place that no longer exists.

Chaotic Neutral | Aasimar
Luck | Fortune | Fate

Believes in knowing all available courses of action and taking the best/most rewarding avenue. He’s very plesent toward people but will more often than not do things for his own personal gain. Encourages people to do the same. He seems to have just shown up in the patheon and no one is really sure how he gained the power he has. Likes the meddle in the other gods’ affairs, mostly just to learn things and know what they’re up to, not necessarily trying to ruin or change anything. Will sometimes offer advise. Unknown where he originates from, but typically resides in Corwyn.

Neutral Evil | Tiefling 
Death | Undead | Necromancy 

Believes strongly in second chances for a cost. Pushing past physical limits and using every available means. BIG believer in retribution and seeking your own “justice.” Very Eye for an Eye. He learned necromancy in attempts to bring his dead brother back to life, and became extremely proficient in magic in order to pay back the people who had killed him. Rose to diety status through sheer power, and has slowly accumulated followers. Originally from Snowhold.

Neutral Evil | Dragonborn
Glory | Self-Gain | Conquest

Believes that work should be for fulfilling self-gain, and that the end justifies the means. Self above all else. Rose to diety status through force. Very willing to make deals with people. Not A Good Dude. Originates from the Belmere but resides in the Red Isles and enjoys being a presence there. Likes to keep the sort of self motivation going in the area and tries to make the most out of other people’s motivations in order to assist himself.

Balance | Foresight | Hard Work

A dark skinned feminine, humanoid figure, long hair in dread. Red eyes, with a third, typically closed, eye on their forehead.
The “Mother Earth” type figure. Noted as the person who physically formed the Earth, but then delegated fleshing out the world to the other Gods as they best saw fit. Generally seen as like. “God.”

Chaotic Good
Strength | Assertiveness | Change | Rebirth

A large burnt red dragon with no wings. They have a trail of feathers along their back and make the appearance of flames.
Lives deep in dormant volcanoes. Known to take care of deserts and islands, keeping enough land in the world for the population.

Neutral Good
Flow | Acceptance | Inquisitiveness | Sharing

A deep blue whale shark, its fins and tail seeming to fade into the water. They are covered with seaweed and algae.
Lives deep in the ocean and is rarely seen above the water. Known to take care of the tides and all the sea life.

Status | Honor | Order | Intellect

A light yellow-golden bird with the legs and neck of a Heron, but most physical appearance of a swan. They have a large wingspan.
Rarely seen. Known to manage the winds and all the life that has flight.

Neutral Good
Protection | Nature | Preservation | Community

An overly large stag, its antlers making up the appearance of tree branches. A layer of moss, grass, and flowers cover their back.
Lives deep in forests. Known to take care of plant life, covering the world with greenery.


this is pretty lose and brief and im sure other things happen too but,

This period includes the creation of the world.
Speis created the world and her four companions — Ona, Hava, Flux, and Rena. Together, they created all the races that inhabit the world in likenesses of themselves. Once things were set, Speis decided to take a more-mortal form and walk the world to see everything from the peoples’ perspective. 

Things were plenty peaceful for a while, but the Companions started to fight amongst themselves. Because of this, the people also started to get into squabbles against each other. Normally, this only consisted of which magic was better, who had what land, who had the best patron god. Things like that. 

This infighting was considered the “Spirit War” and while there were never any official armies or battles, there was still a lot of aggression and people started splitting up into factions and groupings. 

Speis left the companions for a while to take care of it between themselves, but when that failed, they had to step in. 
With Speis’ help, they got the companions to agree to withdrawl from the world as a present being, and instead view from the sidelines as the physical qualities of the world; Rena to the volcanos, Flux to deep in the ocean, Ona above the clouds, and Hava deep within the woods.

Once the Spirits retreated from being present gods, the world really started to flourish. People built their own communities around the world, started learning new magic and started to really explore their environments. 

During this time, Asa, the first of the current pantheon, rose to godhood. 

However, toward the end of this time, there was a great drought that effected nearly all of the world. People aren’t sure of what the cause really was of this, and what happened to Flux to allow this sort of thing to happen. 

  • Due to the drought, Westpine, what is currently Black Oak, suffered a fire that nearly wiped out the whole island. 
    A small fire started due to a cult in the area trying to summon the likeness of Rena to gain power. This magical fire spread quickly, and the condition of the area made it impossible to manage. The fire raged for over 100 years, and is said to have been stopped by Hava themselves. 

Due to this mismanagement of magic, a lot of the world’s knowledge was locked away. The keepers of knowledge, who generally follow Ona, retreated to some of the floating islands that were unreachable without flight, taking any written magic and history that they could with them.  

This was the official start of the Gray Era. 

Over time, this loss of written knowledge started to really effect the rest of the world. Eventually, the only magic that was left was natural, innate magic.
People started focusing more on developing cities and towns. Countries built up the governments, and started focusing a little more internally rather than outwardly toward the whole world. Unfortunately, this lead to countries building their defenses, armies, and started fighting between themselves.

  • Bycross begins to have some internal conflict
  • Elves on the western coasts of Black Oak move to the mountains to disconnect from others and try to maintain what magic knowledge they have themselves.
  • What is now the Red Isles begins to form. 
Despite this, trade routes and trade cities begin to form.
During this time, some other important things to note
  • Corwyn’s capital, Forene, becomes a “trade capital”, and they form a high council there.
  • Juneberry rises to god status
  • North and South Bycross start a war between themselves and split.
  • With Flint leading, the Red Isles split from South Bycross 
  • Flint rises to  God status
  • On the islands where the knowledge is being kept, Catalen rises to God status.

With Catalen rising in power, she pushes for knowledge to be released back to the public. Meetings are held with city leaders to form new libraries and colleges to help teach people about everything that had been hidden from them for so long. 

While this does lead to some people abusing this knowledge again, there are now people better equipped to stop those people. 

In Corwyn, a cult commanded by some liches attack. Sun and Helena rise to fight against them and protect the city and its people, and in doing so rise to God Status.

Elsewhere, Kale and Raddic rise to God Status with their small followings. (unrelated).

This brings it to about present time. 

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