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Bishop Solis
Paladin | Rebel
INFP | Libra | Sagittarius | Cancer

Bishop is a good boy!! He cares a lot about people, and wants to believe in the good of people. Lawful Good and very willing to fight for what he thinks is right. Bishop wants to give people the benefit of the doubt initially, and even if someone makes a bad choice, they should have a second chance to try and make things right. However, once someone is  Bad in his eyes, it’s much harder to change his opinion on them.

He gets frustrated easily, quick to anger though he tries to keep it in check.

Hard on himself, he feels like he should be a good role model and missteps means he has to double down and work even harder to make sure he’s doing good by people. Very worried that, being at least part sphinx, some evil just runs in his blood and he has to work extra hard to overcome that. Means he’s a hard worker sure but he carries a lot of unnecessary burden on his shoulders and finds it difficult to let others share that burden.

Bishop is quick to vocalize his opinions on social, moral, and political matters, but much slower to voice other personal feelings. 

Has a fairly good amount of both self confidence and self worth.

Honestly, most of his background is a mystery, especially to him. 

He grew up in Calendora, and is aware that he grew up a member of the Solis family, the ruling Sphinx’s of the empire. Presumably, he is the second son in that family, the older of a set of twins. His memory is…very fuzzy, though. He’s getting memories back here and there, but is having a lot of difficulty connecting them together, and figuring out who exactly he was. The fact that some other people are getting his memories when he heals them from being unconscious isn’t helping make things clearer.

The second thing he knows for sure, is that he had a friend, Kairos. However, he ended up (presumably?) killing Bishop. That, obviously, did not stick.

Below is a list of memories he has remembered, in probable but unconfirmed chronological order:

  •  A memory of being a child — he was playing with his twin brother, Reno. They’re having fun, when the eldest brother, Laurentio, comes in to tell them to behave and listen to him. The command goes off, and both the younger brothers settle. Both of them have gold collars on, which Lurentio is holding them by, scruffing them essentially. 
  • A memory of him being older, in the rubble of some ruins, with the sword the Von Orion — the one he currently has. He has intent with finding the sword, that he can finally do good, and proceed with his goal because of it. Kairos is there with him, and bows to him. It seems like things maybe might work out for them
  • A memory that Raja received, and later relayed to Bishop, so things may have been left out. Bishop and Kairos were out on a balcony, overlooking the city of Calendora, their city. They were speaking positively about making a change for the better of the city, optimistic.
  • A memory of Bishop standing beside his eldest brother, looking into a mirror at the two of them, at two Sphinxes.  Lurentio shoves the Von Orion into Bishop’s hands. 
  • Bishop is standing in the throne room of Calendora, and there is blood around the throne — a lot of it. And it’s on him, and the Von Orion, which is in his hands. At the foot of the throne, his mother and father, dead. Laurentio, seeming pleased with himself, comes over and takes the sword from Bishop and admires it. Says that finally, with their father out of the way, he can expand the empire and make something of it. Bishop feels….empty. He can’t call forth the anger or sadness that he should have in this situation. Laurentio tells Bishop that he wont kill him, and Bishop can feel the command go off. 
  • A memory that Rocco received. Bishop was tied up and restrained, in chains and a collar, a muzzle keeping him from speaking. In front of him, looking nearly identical, Reno stood completely unbound. He seems angry, and though rocco didn’t mention it when reiterating the dream, probably did something hurtful to Bishop. I don’t know if he hurt him, or was the one typing Bishop up? Rocco woke up scared of Bishop, so something bad happened.
    Reno: “Just because your older than me, doesn’t mean you can order me around.” 
  • A memory that Rocco received. Bishop was standing, looking out over the city with Laurentio who has armies he’s commanding and sending off, expanding his empire. Laurentio has the Von Orion still, and is seated at the throne, meanwhile, Bishop is standing with Otis and Cleo, who are quite young and at least Otis looks quite frightened, and Bishop feels that same sort of empty feeling, like what he’s trying to feel is just out of reach. Laurentio tells Bishop to be his Bodyguard, once again a command going off.
  • Bishop is woken up to a call to war. He is tired and empty feeling. He hates this, he doesn’t want to get up, to go, to do any of this, but regardless he’s moving. Kairos is there though, by his side, and starts helping him strap armor to him, providing his sword — not the Von Orion, but a red sword with a red blade. He looks sympathetic, and tells him that “We’re trying to find a way to help you.” and is generally encouraging, though Bishop doesn’t seem to be able to give a response. 
  • A memory talmage received. Once again, Bishop is in the dark, bound in chains, a collar, and a muzzle. He can’t speak, or move much. He’s unaware of how long he’s been there. Not after too long, Kairos enters the room, holding a knife and “walking like he owned the place.” Bishop’s heart races, he seems anxious, maybe scared, but Kairos drops the knife, and instead walks over to release Bishop, taking the muzzle off, and kissing him. Talmage left the kissing part out when retelling the memory.
  • Bishops memory of Kairos killing him: Kairos is crying over Bishop, a knife buried into Bishop’s chest. . He says that he’s doing this to stop Bishop’s family from hurting people, from hurting Kairos’ family more, from hurting other people. Kairos casts silence when Bishop moves to respond, and pushes the knife deeper, it has a red wrapped hilt.
  • Rocco’s memory of Kairos killing him: Kairos is pulling the knife out of Bishop, and it feels like he’s falling, dying. Kairos had the golden 7-pointed sun symbol.
  • A brief memory of Bishop destroying the gates to a Polaris area with a fell swoop of his sword.
  • A memory of Bishop, engaged in a fight with Cerendipity. His sword is gone, but he should have it. He’s knocked down, and suddenly there’s a force, then fire surrounding him. There is a group of — its the crowne group — people there, and there’s yelling. He’s in a place similar to Polaris, but it’s different. It’s dark. A mirror is set in front of him.

He doesn’t seem the have the best relationship with his family, a bunch of evil sphinxes. Bishop seems to, uh, hate them, and stands to oppose them directly. Also, they have directly commanded him to do things he very clearly did not want to do. 
Bishop is second guessing his opinions on Otis, who is choosing not the rule the country, and helped free Calendora from the time loop…though Bishop does not trust him at all.

Laurentio — eldest brother, deceased. Bishop….hates him. An evil man, no good in him at all, and no good would come from him. The world is a better place with him dead. Bishop doesn’t think it’s right to kill people, to be judge jury and executioner, but at the same time DOES wish that he could have had a hand in bringing Laurentio down. 

Reno — Bishop’s younger twin, unknown if he’s alive or not. Bishop himself only remembers them having run while children, and getting along. But obviously their relationship changed since then to something negative. He’s…not sure how he feels about him, because, Sphinx bad, but his only memory of him is positive and fun. 

Otis — Bishop’s younger brother. Dislike, though Bishop knows…nothing about him. He’s unwilling to trust him, because he’s a Sphinx, and right now is willing to just keep his distance. 

Cleo — Bishop’s youngest sister. Again, Bishop knows nothing of her, but dislikes her on principal. 


Close Relationships

Player characters

Talmage — part of the party. Bishop thinks he has a lot of potential, and wants to see Talmage realize it. He’s aware that Talmage could be a very powerful ally, but is nervous about his anger and the idea of him taking things too far. Bishop wants to help him, and believes that Talmage is a good person.

Raja — part of the party. Bishop….distrusts her. Raja’s morals are too loose, and he doesn’t think she’s the right person to be in a position of power over people, but is also aware he doesn’t know that much about her. Bishop is willing to help her, but is also preparing to stop her if she takes things too far. 

Rocco — part of the party. He thinks Rocco is a good kid, who is unfortunately going in way over his head. He worries about the connections Rocco has, and how much he has been taken advantage of up until now, if at all. Bishop worries sometimes because Rocco can go from fun and oblivious, to exceedingly rude and tactless, where its unclear of his well-meaning or intention.  However, Bishop knows that his same god(presumably?) has chosen Rocco as a cleric, so he perceives Rocco as a Good Boy.


Luci — part of the party. Bishop feels… a lot of guilt revolving around Luci. He wants to help him, but doesn’t know if he’s the right person to do that, considering Bishop may very well be part of the reason Luci is without his bloodline family, and knows nothing of them.  Bishop knows Luci is a good person, and really wants to see him grow and be able to use his family magic, because he feels that’s very important. Bishop wants to be better friends with him.

Wyn — what the fuck is up with this guy.

The Circus — in general. Bishop trusts them, and is very thankful to them. Wants to be able to help them more, instead of continually causing them problems. 

Kairos — Bishop knows they were friends, knows they were…close, but he doesn’t know what any of it amounts to. He wants to trust Kairos, and find him to maybe help figure out…anything about himself. Currently, Kairos is at the very least a figurehead for the Resistance here. He has been going around healing people, bringing them back to life, and  giving people hope. 

His God — it’s….complicated.  Bishop isn’t sure who or what his god is, but is a believer in having Faith.  He’s going to continue doing what feels natural; to pray in the morning, and follow his morals, and believes when the time calls for it, his god will reach out to him. However, given recent events, he’s….cautious, because Monsieur West was using the same symbol to try to summon something that was obviously evil.

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